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5 Ways to Drive More Buyers to Your Dealership

oie_DPIzOG0o3k9VVisual marketing using color, motion, and light is the best and most proven way to attract potential car and truck buyers to your dealership- it’s tried and true! Here are some specific ideas for catching the eye of buyers passing by:

1. Giant Inflatable Balloons
NO ONE can ignore a giant inflatable gorilla adorning your dealership’s rooftop, or a huge inflatable red tag to tell buyers about your sale, or a gigantic bald eagle balloon standing proudly on your lot, inviting people to pull in. The pictures speak for themselves, check out some of the marketing balloons made and installed by Gulf Coast Balloons & Promotions:

2. A Rotating Vehicle Spinner
This is one of the most impressive dealership lot displays you can have! At 360 Auto Display USA, we offer an awesome “Car Spinner”, which is a revolving platform that lifts your vehicle 10′ into the air and rotates it for maximum eye-catching exposure. It’s less complicated than it looks, too- vehicles can be quickly changed by your lot staff to keep the display fresh as you move inventory in and out.

3. Promotional Flags, Pennants, and Cloudbuster Balloons
Some of the most affordable ground promotions, these options make your lot stand out and look inviting as well as exciting. Advertising flags come in several shapes, such as Feather, Teardrop, Falcon, Stock Swooper, and Adwavers – and they all draw attention with your custom company or sale message. They are easy to set up and install, and are even easy to purchase online from the comfort of your laptop. Pennants and Cloudbuster balloons are fun, colorful, and use the motion of wind to draw the eye and give your lot a festive look.
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4. Searchlights/ Spotlights
It’s super important to draw attention to your dealership at night, as well as during the day, and searchlights are THE best way to do so. Searchlights are a natural fascination, which draw curiosity from everyone who sees them- and that’s a lot of people considering they can be seen for miles! Sky-View Searchlights & Promotions is the leader in the spotlight/searchlight industry, and their options are more affordable than you think!

5. Winddancers – The Incredible Waving Arm Man!
Winddancers just plain make people happy. These dancing characters will wave their arms and bodies in front of your dealership, making passers-by smile and drive right in. They can be any color you need, and can display any message you would like! Custom characters can be designed to fit your needs, and they are a conversation starter to be sure!

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