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5 Ideas for your Grand Opening

Memorial Day is coming and there will be Memorial Day Sales everywhere. So take advantage of the “SALES PROMOTION” environment. Even if you have been opened for a short while you can still have a Grand Opening event.

IDEA #1 – Giant Inflatable Balloons

One sure way to grab attention is with the use of Giant Inflatables. Giant inflatable balloons come in all sizes and shapes. Try to find something that ties with your business. For example, if you had a nutrition store, you could use a giant muscleman balloon. If you are a day care center you could use a giant clown balloon. You can also use a general type of Hot Air Balloon (HAB) shape. In all cases, you can put a huge custom designed banner on the front of any kind of restaurant advertisement, cellular store or any other type of retail store.

IDEA # 2 – Searchlights

Now is a perfect time to use a searchlight for those late night hours to let you customers know your grand opening is going on at night as well. This grand opening idea sets you apart from all others and brings attention right to your business. Searchlights can also be used to spotlight giant inflatable balloons at night highlighting your business and your advertising message on your custom printed banner.

Idea #3 – Tents

A large tent in front of your business always draws attention and always means something special is going on. You can complement your tent with a large grand opening banner that tells all those driving or walking by exactly what is going on. You can also add sales banners to bring extra attention.

IDEA # 4 – Cloud busters

These helium filled cloud busters traveling 100 feet in the air are great for week-end grand openings. You can put these up on Friday and they’ll last through the week-end. Your prospects will follow them with their eyes from the sky right to your business. When your customers spot your business with the grand opening banner and perhaps a giant cold air inflatable, they for sure won’t miss your business grand opening.

IDEA #5 – Wind Dancers

Oh yes, and then there is the always dependable, constantly waving, always working wind dancer man. These dancing tube guys wave, bob and weave in the wind bringing a playful and fun atmosphere to any grand opening. Everyone knows that a wind dancer means a sale is going on and you can enhance it further by printing a customized message right on the wind dancer.

For a really big Grand opening presence try a combination of a giant inflatable, cloud busters, searchlights, tents and wind dancers. Your opportunities for grand openings are limited so take every advantage you can for you promotion and advertising programs.


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