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What Combination of Outdoor Advertising Tools Do I Need for My Event?

You’re having a big event, and it needs to be HUGE! Grand Opening? Seasonal Sale? Product Launch? New Member Special? There are certain tools that will help draw people to your event better than any other advertising effort.

For instance, when you just open your new store, how are you going to let people in the area know that you’re OPEN? A couple of giant NOW OPEN Ad Waver Flags on your roof will definitely draw people in, but especially when paired with bright, colorful pennants to really catch the eye.

Colorful pennants with a giant NOW OPEN hot air-shaped balloon is also a combination that everyone can’t help but notice. 

During the beginning of the year, a giant MUSCLEMAN balloon on the roof of your gym or health store matched with some ground flags surrounding the parking lot will remind people of their New Year’s resolutions every time they drive by. What’s the New Year without some guilt-inspiration!? 🙂

Basically, you have to really catch people’s eye to get them to walk through your door, and the more tools you apply to this effort, the better!

We can help and even offer yearly discounts on multiple product efforts – we will put them up and take them down – all you need to worry about is closing those sales! Give us a call TODAY. 888-396-6663


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