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Sales Events

Why should you use National Event Marketing to Advertise your Sales Event?

If your business is planning a Sales Event, one of the challenges will be gaining the extra visibility needed to attract customers to your location.  Thousands of potential customers drive or walk by your location everyday.  We will help you determine which outdoor advertising methods will work best for your location and event. 

National Event Marketing offers a variety of outdoor marketing products that GREATLY increase visibility and create excitement.  These include Advertising Inflatables, Outdoor Flags, Banners, and Pennants.

  • STAND OUT among your competition.  Motorists are exposed to thousands of marketing messages during their commute each day.

  • Our visual marketing products work for you 24/7

  • Roof or Ground placement options

  • Customize your giant balloon, banner or flag message:   “FURNITURE SALE”, “BLACK FRIDAY”, “1/2 OFF EVERYTHING!”….

  • We handle installation, maintenance, and removal

  • We have an extensive database of city ordinances from cities all across the nation

  • We can help with acquiring the necessary permits if needed

  • These outdoor advertising products are not bothered by rain or moderate wind. We monitor weather and maintain your display

  • Products available for purchase or full service rental


Let us help plan and execute your Sales Event or Promotion

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As a marketing leader, are you looking to increase sales at your store locations? Find out how to attract the millions of commuters that drive by your store ever day.