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Giant Frosty Cup Attracts Drive By Traffic and Increases Sales

As soon as Spring and Summer arrives, people are always looking for ways to beat the heat. A great way to do that is to have a cold, delicious Frosty from Wendy’s. Many Wendy’s franchisees have figured a way to get that thought into the heads of all the folks that drive by their stores everyday. A giant 22ft Inflatable Frosty installed on the rooftop of many Wendy’s locations grab the attention of commuters and pull many of them right of the street and into the store’s drive-thru.
As Don Griffin, owner of Wendy’s franchise, Griffin Restaurants, said, “Each of my stores that have the giant Frosty on the roof see a minimum 10%-15% increase in sales. It’s a great way to attract the commuters attention.”

As a marketing leader, are you looking to increase sales at your store locations? Find out how to attract the millions of commuters that drive by your store ever day.