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Does Gorilla Marketing Work? IT JUST DID!

Every person in the great United States of America is familiar with the traditional advertising tool, usually seen on car dealership rooftops, the Giant Inflatable Gorilla! This eye-catching advertising device is so well-known that it’s become somewhat of a dealership advertising cliche in recent years. It’s even been featured on a recent popular VW commercial!

Let’s stop to think about WHY this gorilla is so famous and well-known. The answer is simple: IT WORKS. He is huge, he is noticeable, he is tried and true. 

Drivers-by will always notice this sizeable and colorful advertisement. Most likely, they’ll point it out to friends or co-workers who are around, and then the attention on that business has tripled in just seconds! When was the last time a billboard or online display ad was so interesting that you pointed it out to someone? Rare to never.

Giant Inflatables can be this effective not only for dealerships, but for any business storefront needing to promote a sale or grand opening, or create brand and location awareness. At NEM, we will do all of the research to ensure that city permission can be acquired for placement of your traffic-driving Giant Inflatable. You’ll be blown away by the success of this advertising tool – all of our clients are!

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