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This Just In: Giant Inflatables Allowed In Houston!

Every city has legislation and ordinances that sometimes do not have businesses’ best interests at heart. In 2010, the city of Houston, Texas passed a new ordinance banning so-called “attention-getting devices” – a major bummer for businesses who are struggling to attract foot traffic and drive-by traffic to their storefront in order to increase sales.

But wait, there’s more [good news]! Despite this ordinance, there are exceptions to the rules – fortunately for Houston businesses! For example, Holiday inflatables are still allowed – for weeks leading up to the holiday, even! So when you want a giant inflatable Santa Claus balloon to attract holiday shoppers to your store, we can still put one up for weeks leading up to Christmas without breaking any city guidelines. This opens up so many opportunities for your storefront to attract passing potential customers. A giant inflatable Heart balloon during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day will remind shoppers that they need to remember to get a gift for their special someone. A giant Uncle Sam or Eagle balloon will alert shoppers to your Memorial Day or 4th of July sale – weeks in advance.

We have so much experience with getting around city ordinances like this. We are licensed to provide holiday balloons within the city of Houston. And- we have a thorough list of ordinances for almost every city in the US, so we know what we can do for your store.

Give us a call today to chat with us about what we know regarding these pesky ordinances and what we can do to get around them. It can be frustrating when you NEED to attract more business to your storefront, but trust us- we know the tricks and secrets to getting it done for you. Call 888-396-6653 with any questions or concerns you have – no question is silly, and we have the answers. 

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