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NEM Employees Contribute to Harvey Rebuild

It has been a humbling experience to witness the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey in our hometown of Houston. We are so grateful and fortunate that our own Houston-based employees are safe and have been able to volunteer these past few weeks to help their neighbors.

As employees, we weren’t able to reach the office and warehouse by car during the week after the storm, so we were encouraged to spend our time volunteering to help neighbors and shelters under duress. What a touching and uplifting experience this became! Former strangers came together to help neighbors and became friends under these unfortunate circumstances.

We have a lot of work to do to get our city back to top form and it will take a long time. At National Event Marketing, we are in this rebuild project for the long haul and will continue to contribute our time and sweat to making Houston STRONG again!

Here are some pictures of our team at work on the Harvey rebuild.

NEM is #HoustonStrong!

Kistal & Dave

Chris P

Lizzie P

Kaylee P


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