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Spirit Halloween Gets in the SPIRIT with NEM

During the Halloween season, Spirit Halloween has over 1,200 store locations in the United States and Canada. The Spirit Halloween website is open year-round, offering its in-store products online. The store carries Halloween decor and costumes manufactured by various companies. Many decorations are exclusive to Spirit.

In late summer Spirit Halloween typically puts out teaser videos on social media and Youtube to create excitement for new items. A few days later the videos are followed by another one officially revealing and announcing the item.

As the physical stores start opening up across the country, it is imperative to let the public know. Attracting the attention of drive-by traffic is a challenge for most businesses. Spirit stores are only open for 2-3 months so it of extra importance to make sure the community knows when they are open for business. To address this issue, Spirit turned to NEM.

NEM has been partnered with Spirit Halloween for over 12 years and has been providing them with outdoor Location Visibility Packages. Giant custom Jack-O-Lantern inflatables, custom roof flags, landscape flags, pennants, and Wind Dancers are some of the products utilized to attract attention to the Spirit locations as they open for the season.

As the Halloween season approaches, Spirit stores will be popping up all over the keep an eye out for the Giant Pumpkin on the roof!

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