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Stationary Curbside Advertising

Like billboards, branded trucks provide a large visual space for your message. Towering over the surrounding vehicles, ads on trucks are hard to miss!

Don’t let ad space go to waste! Rent our truck to park in front of your storefront, and we will design signage to append to the truck in order to attract drive-by traffic. No gas money needed – it doesn’t move! No trouble from city ordinances – it’s just a parked vehicle in YOUR lot!


  • Monthly rental for sales, events, and Grand Opening promotions.
  • Use at multiple simultaneous locations!
  • Complete graphic design and installation capabilities! 

Contact us today for monthly rental prices and design possibilities: 888-396-6653


As a marketing leader, are you looking to increase sales at your store locations? Find out how to attract the millions of commuters that drive by your store ever day.