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My storefront is hard to see from the road. What can I do?

AGH!!! My storefront is hard to see from the road!!!!!

Worse yet, I’m a retail business and I depend on all the drive by traffic to find my locations. So what are my options to get some customers into my store?

Three Solutions – You won’t like the first solution but you’ll love the last!


Solution # 1 – (You won’t like) – Close your store and move to a new location on the main road. Ok, I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t like that on either but it is an option; especially when your lease is up.

Solution # 2 – You could use a sign spinner or sign walker grabbing attention from the main road and re-directing to your location. If you do go this route be careful just hiring someone off the street. You could end up with a lot more problems. The best way to find quality, well-vetted candidates for this is to call an outdoor promotion advertising company. You might find these companies under the heading of giant inflatables, outdoor promotions, visible marketing, giant balloons, cold air inflatables or something of this nature. These companies deal in all types of attention getting outdoor promotion products and if they don’t manage sign walkers, they might offer you another solution.

Solution # 3 – Carrying on from solution #2, the best suggestion is to call an outdoor promotion company that specializes in getting businesses noticed in the retail trade. In addition to the above ideas and depending on your location and site layout, they might suggest a giant outdoor inflatable balloon that always grabs the attention and can be seen from long distances. They might also suggest a wind dancer or a dancing tube guy. If you are like most retailers, you know the value of running regular sales promotions. Consumers like SALES! If you hook up with an outdoor promotion company providing flags, banners, giant inflatable, wind- dancers, tents, searchlights and a host if other products, you will get a regular stream of different and unique ideas for sales promotions.

Happy Selling!!!

As a marketing leader, are you looking to increase sales at your store locations? Find out how to attract the millions of commuters that drive by your store ever day.