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Using The January Fitness Rush To Your Advantage

Did you know….38% of people’s new year’s resolutions are “weight loss” related!?

Running gym promotions can be a great way to boost revenue quickly. If you need to hit a monthly sales target, then well-timed promos can help get you over the line.

At this time of year, most people don’t need convincing about the importance of fitness – New Year’s resolutions and holiday guilt take care of that. So you just need to convince them to choose your gym over your competitors.

That’s where we come in! We will install Visual Advertising methods of your choice at your location or multiple locations. These colorful beacons attract the eye of drivers-by quickly and have proven to increase sales at minimum 10-17%.

  • Custom Giant Inflatables
  • Rental Giant Inflatables
  • Pennant Strings
  • Flags
  • Custom Flags
  • Banners

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