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Providing Attention-Getting Visual Marketing Since 1983

Why NEM?

NEM provides maximum impact for companies wanting to stand out in advertising. 

For over 30 years, the folks at NEM have proven that “line of sight” advertising continues to be a crucial tool for businesses to utilize in their efforts to increase visibility, drive traffic, and increase sales.

NEM specializes in outdoor, visual marketing, offering a wide variety of products, from giant inflatables, to searchlights, banners, flags and pennants.

Businesses come to NEM for Grand Openings, Sales Events, Product Launch and various other events, whether for a few locations or hundreds, NEM and it’s nationwide network of partners can execute multi-location events for companies of all sizes.

NEM takes pride in the special attention customers receive and the superior quality of products they offer.

NEM is a member of the Inflatable Advertisers Dealers Association (IADA), is fully insured, and boasts a spotless record. Call today at 713.898.5176 or toll free at 888-EZMONKEY (396-6653) or fill out the below contact form:


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