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Wind Dancers and Air Dancers and Wacky Dancing Inflatables…. Oh My!

by Dave Key, President and Cheif Attention Getter

Well the Wizard of Oz had Lions and Tigers and Bears but if you want to attract a crowd quickly, easily, and inexpensively, one of the best ways is with the use of these constantly dancing wind tubes, flapping their arms and in the air, smiling and just daring you to LOOK OVER HERE for a great sales opportunity.


These attention getting devices have many names also including Sky Dancer, Tube Dude but at the end of the day these all fall in the category of outdoor promotions. These dancers are a great ideas for grand openings, help with sales promotions and advertising. You will see them featured in retail and restaurant ads to tie the sales promotion to their visible marketing strategy. These dancing inflatables are also used in conjunction with sale flags and grand opening flags as well as giant inflatable balloons.

The nice part of using these wind tube dancers is that they are so easy and economical to use. You can plug them into any standard outlet when the business opens in the morning and bring them in at night. They are very lightweight and easy for your local retail employees to handle. Wind Dancers can be found on various sites online for purchase.  Some companies even offer rentals.

If you are purchasing you need to be careful because there are many cheap wind dancers on the market where the blower just won’t hold up or the wind tube will wear out very quickly. Your best bet is to buy or rent from a company that specializes in outdoor signage and promotions.  Typically, outdoor marketing companies that utilize giant cold air inflatables, will also carry commercial grade Wind Dancers.

The standard inflatable dancer comes in a variety of colors with cute little arms, a smiley face, a smiley face and a nice wisp of hair at the top. For a special touch you can look into a variety of holiday wind dancers that include themes and characters for all of the major holidays.

Purchase your very own wacky wind dancer here! Hope you enjoy and Happy Dancing!!!

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